What We Offer


  • Piano lessons (with Sophia)
  • Saxophone lessons (with Sam)
  • Composition lessons (with Sam)
  • Chamber music coaching (with Sophia)
  • Audition prep (with Sam and Sophia)
  • Audition recording (with Sam and Sophia)
  • Electronic music tutoring (with Sam)
  • Digital music/multimedia programming languages (with Sam)
  • Music technology (with Sam)
  • Jazz theory and improvisation (with Sam)
  • Live sound (with Sam)
  • Ableton Live (with Sam)
  • Accompanying services (with Sophia)
  • Playing for audition recordings for vocalists and instrumentalists (with Sophia)

Group lessons are available for saxophone lessons, electronic music tutoring, digital music/multimedia programming languages, music technology, jazz theory and improvisation, and live sound.

Off-Site Services – pricing will vary, please contact us with details:

  • Accompanying (with Sophia)
  • On location recording (with Sam)

Contact us for rates!